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Livermore, CA, USA
Manufacturers of Pro-Log STD computer boards

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GDCA is currently the exclusive supplier of the newly manufactured Motorola/Pro-Log® line of products, and Pro-Log® products are now a trademark of GDCA.

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About GDCA

Located in Silicon Valley since 1987, GDCA manufactures, repairs and sustains end-of-life (“obsolete”) embedded computing products that exactly meet their original manufacturers’ specifications.

Our product catalog includes well known products such as STD products from Motorola/Pro-Log®, Performance Technologies/Ziatech and Enlode…to name a few.

1799 Portola Avenue, Livermore, CA 94551
925.456.9900 ext.231

Prolog Development Center

Copenhagen, Denmark
Provides Prolog software products

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Ever since its start PDC has been a technology leader in the Prolog community, with its advanced compiler technology marketed worldwide as Visual Prolog®. Visual Prolog is a powerful tool well suited for deploying AI techniques, but also taking advantage of conventional technologies like SQL, XML, GI, Internet etc.

Visual Prolog® gives PDC an advantage in areas with complex problems in planning, rule based systems and decision support.

PDC has developed a suite of application. For aviation they are ranging over Traffic control, Crew scheduling, Slot Coordination, Maintenance, Ramp Handling, Capacity management for airports and Ground handling. For human capacity management applications cover staff planning, production planning, project management and booking.